I beg your pardon, I never promised you a Lavender garden!

It has been a while since our last update…

Summer came fast and furious as spring was non-existant here in Michigan!

We lost a majority of our 6000 seedlings to the elements. It was cold and snowy until May. Then May brought a LOT of rain while we were out of town that drowned and killed our seedlings. Lavender HATES rain and is finicky to establish. We did have about 100 lavender seedling survivors from the elements. Munstead, Hidcote Blue and Vera survived.

Some of the Munstead took a hit from our neighbor’s dog who just had to take a romp in the pea gravel. DOH!

We did source some organic lavender plugs and we chugged along with crop #2. Same cultivars: Munstead, Vera and Hidcote Blue.

We ended up at the end of the summer with approximately 650 lavender plants in the ground. LUCKILY winter (crossing fingers) has been extremely mild. The ground did not freeze until January. Our crop was insulated by snow but by the time we saw the ground freeze so we are crossing our fingers that it remains mild for the rest of the winter and those 650 plants survive!

Some of the Munstead ended up blooming and the blooms continued through December!

We do plan to double the crop this year with additional cultivars. Hoping and crossing fingers for additions of: Ellagance Sky, Ellagance Snow, Lady, Rosea, Provence Blue and Lacy Frills. If we end up with better weather and at least 650 survivors, life is good!

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Renee started out as an avid real estate blogger in 2006. Opting for a less stressful life, Paul and Renee moved to Michigan in 2018 and started a lavender farm in 2019.

There are very few resources available to aspiring lavender farmers for growing lavender, lavender aromatherapy and lavender culinary infusion.

Renee hopes to change and shake up the world of lavender by sharing her knowledge and experience she has gained by being a lavender farmer and aromatherapist with lavender lovers all over the world.

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