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Twin Flame Lavender Farm Tours 2024

When considering a trip to a lavender farm, it’s natural for visitors to have questions about touring arrangements. Many lavender farms offer guided tours that provide visitors with an immersive experience. One common concern is whether there is an admission fee for entering the farm or if there are additional charges for the tour itself. Twin Flame Lavender Farm does not charge visitors an admission fee to enter the farm nor do we charge a fee to tour the lavender fields. Our tours are very casual and no appointment is necessary to visit our farm during regular seasonal operating days/hours.

Opening Date to Tour the Lavender Fields:

Our “formal” opening date is set for May 11, 2024 at 11AM. We do normally open earlier on nice days but unfortunately we are still cleaning up fallen trees from the January storm. We will add any early opening “pop ups” to our facebook page in the event we are able to open sooner

Twin Flame Lavender Farm 2024 Seasonal Days and Hours of Operation:

Our farm will be open Thursday 11-4, Friday 10-5 and Saturday 10-4. We will also be open the last Sunday of every month May-September to coincide with the Allegan Antique Market. Our open farm days/hours may be found on our google listing, facebook page and our event calendar. Farm closure announcements due to unforeseen circumstances (weather, family emergencies) will be announced on our facebook page.

Our Farm Consists of 5 Lavender Fields to Tour:

“Derreck’s Lavender Drive”

This field is in the process of being built: row down the driveway. Currently home to close to 200 lavender plants.

“The Lily Lavender Field”

A demonstration field featuring 14 varieties of lavender with 5 new varieties planned for 2024. Surrounded by 300 lily plants (6 varieties) planted in 2023.

Twin Flame Lavender Farm in Bloom
“The Heather Lavender Field”

One of the 2 oldest lavender fields, planted in 2019 and is easily missed. Tucked behind the trees after Derreck Drive. Home to 3 varieties of English Lavender and close to 300 plants. Major expansion of rows planned in 2024 with trees cleared by power company in 2022.

“Maya’s Munstead Lavender Rows”

3 Rows of Munstead with a total of around 90 plants.

“Test Lavender Field”

This is where we “take it to the limits” with lavender plants to see what elements they can survive from different winterization techniques to lack of mandatory lime amendments to our soil. We even had a tree fall on 3 rows during the January storm, some lavender plants survived and many did not.

Fun Farm Lavender Variety Facts

Vera is the original, heirloom lavender out of over 450 varieties! We have over 100 Vera plants on our farm. Come see them in bloom late June. #lavenderbee #lavender #veralavender #lavenderfarm #purplefields

♬ Lavender Too – DELUNE

Our farm is home to the original “OG” lavender variety “Vera” and the smallest lavender variety “Wee One.” The Vera variety is thought to be over 2000 years old and Wee One blossoms are the size of my pinky fingernail. Here is a photo of a “Wee One” in front of a fully mature Wee One Lavender:

Lavender Baby Wee One Lavender

The Apiary

We have one very active honey bee hive near the trees on the east end of the Heather Field. It was moved in the winter of 2024 as it was in an area with a lot of tree damage from the January 2024 storm. We moved the apiary to prevent more limbs from falling on top of the beehive and to make the area accessible for tree maintenance.

Lavender Hydroponics Demonstration Area

Growing Lavender in Hydroponics or Aquaponics

We set up one small hydroponics unit in the apothecary to demonstrate how we grow our lavender hydroponically. This is a weather dependent activity. Last year the hydroponics unit was set up in the apothecary between June through the 1st week of October.

Our farm is 80% hydroponically seed grown. There are no other farms in Michigan or the United States, that we are aware of, that can make this claim!

The Lavender Apothecary


Throwback Thursday: when our farmstand was delivered and we could formally open our farm! #lavenderfarm #farmstand #farmstandsetup #agritourism #farmlifeisthebestlife

♬ Old MacDonald Had a Farm country guitar – C_O

Additionally, visitors may wonder if there is a dedicated lavender store on-site where they can purchase products made from this fragrant herb.

Our farmstand is lovingly called the “Lavender Apothecary.” We have it stocked with our farm crafted lavender products when we are open seasonally. Unfortunately, the apothecary does not have heat so it is not open during the winter months.

Scented Rose Geranium Garden

Our “second crop” is scented geraniums – most notably the “rose geranium.” We process rose geranium the same way we process lavender: hydrodistillation and oil infusion. We use the rose geranium hydrosol and oil infusion and emulsify it into lotion. Pinch the leaves of the fragrant rose geranium and then try out our delicate rose geranium lotion from the tester in the apothecary. If you love roses, you will be a fan!

When to Expect Lavender Buds and Blossoms in Our Lavender Fields

Understanding the blooming season of lavender is crucial for planning your visit. We have early bloomers (Munstead and Avignon,) late bloomers (Hidcote Blue and Lavandin,) and we have a rare constant bloomer that shoots up lavender blossoms until frost (Ellagance Purple.) Our buds begin typically the week after Mother’s Day and our last blossoms are harvested between the first or second week of July.

Don’t let late September fool you, our fall colors are amazing! Our sassafras trees start putting on their show in late September through the first couple of weeks of October. Long after the blooms are gone, the foliage on the lavender keeps the lavender scent alive as well. We keep some stalks on our plants in the Lily Field (mostly for the bees) so you can also learn about and smell the difference between lavender and lavandin until we close for the season.

Tour Busses Are Welcome

We have ample room for tour bus parking. Tour busses must go straight at the “fork” and must not turn where the signs indicate “lavender farm parking.” Tour Busses may make appointments outside of our regular operating days and hours by texting 269-355-1233.

Heads UP: Our Lavender Farm is Boutique and Extremely “Rustic”

Wear casual clothing and closed toe shoes. It is very sandy and dusty (if drought conditions are present.)

We have made every attempt to preserve the land our lavender farm is built upon which makes our space quite “rustic.” Not only do we have sand but we have clumps of dune grass. Someone called the dune grass “weeds” last year and I was quick to correct. Keeping the aesthetic of the forest, we have an abundance of wild life (deer, bald eagles, turkey) and we also have natural pollinators from bumblebees to endangered butterflies. The bumblebees do get quite “drunk” when lavender is in full bloom and they are quite docile when left alone.

We are delighted to take the time to answer your lavender questions. Feel free to ask the farm staff to make the most of your visit and deepen your knowledge about this beautiful plant.

Twin Flame Lavender Farm is located in the middle of the “Allegan Forest and is a scenic drive from both Blue Star Hwy or Lincoln Road (M-40.) The Address is 3849 Monroe Rd, Allegan, Michigan 49010. GPS may take you into a neighboring subdivision, look for MAEAPs sign and numbers on the mail box.

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Renee started out as an avid real estate blogger in 2006. Opting for a less stressful life, Paul and Renee moved to Michigan in 2018 and started a lavender farm in 2019.

There are very few resources available to aspiring lavender farmers for growing lavender, lavender aromatherapy and lavender culinary infusion.

Renee hopes to change and shake up the world of lavender by sharing her knowledge and experience she has gained by being a lavender farmer and aromatherapist with lavender lovers all over the world.

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