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Twin Flame Lavender Farm is buzzing with excitement as we bring you the latest updates straight from the heart of our lavender fields. From new trends in lavender products to upcoming events that will immerse you in a sea of purple blooms, there’s always something fresh and exciting happening on the farm.

When lavender bloom time approaches, we can’t wait to share what’s new on the farm with our devoted followers. Stay tuned for exclusive insights into our latest offerings and experiences that will transport you to a fragrant oasis of relaxation and beauty. Join us on this journey as we explore all things lavender and celebrate nature’s most enchanting herb at Twin Flame Lavender Farm.

Lavender Farm News

Twin Flame Lavender Farm Tours 2024

When considering a trip to a lavender farm, it’s natural for visitors to have questions about touring arrangements...
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Come for the Lavender, Stay for the Experience!

Every year our lavender farm guests ask “what should we do next?” We know our guests well and know what local...
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For the love of lavender trends

For the Love of Lavender (A Decade of Google Trends)

Popularity of “Lavender” Phrases in Google Searches It is very interesting to see the upward spiking trends when...
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Lavender Blossom Soap Bestseller

Our Lavender Soap is a Bestseller!

Our lavender blossom soap has become a bestseller in the world of natural skincare. Our soap sold in record numbers on Etsy...
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grow lavender without a greenhouse

How We Grow 6000 Lavender Plants a Year Without a Greenhouse

Growing lavender by seed hydroponically is a new approach that holds great promise for aspiring lavender growers. While this...
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Lavender Baby Wee One Lavender

14 Varieties of Lavender & Lavandin Grown on Our Farm (2024)

OOF! This one is hard to finish. I started this post before we had a winter storm. We were plagued with 40 hours of power...
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why are people crazy for lavender

Why are People so Crazy for Lavender?

Lavender, with its enchanting scent and versatile properties, has captivated people for centuries. But why do people love...
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14 Things I Wish I Knew About Lavender Farming

When it comes to lavender farming, there are a few things that I wish I had known from the start. One of the challenges is...
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6 Lavender Trends to Watch in 2024

6 Lavender Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

In 2024, some lavender trends will surface with its timeless appeal and calming properties. With ancient beginnings, this...
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Twin Flame Lavender Farm Michigan

Twin Flame Lavender Farm Memberships and Affiliations

Great Lakes Lavender Growers (Lavender Farm Member) The Great Lakes region is not only known for its stunning landscapes and...
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