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6 Lavender Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

In 2024, some lavender trends will surface with its timeless appeal and calming properties. With ancient beginnings, this versatile plant has found its way into various aspects of our lives, from weddings to health and beauty trends, cooking, and even agritourism experiences.

Lavender Weddings

Lavender Farm Wedding
Lavender floral arrangements in 2024 may be popular because of purple fashion trends

Lavender’s soothing aroma and vibrant purple hue make it a popular choice for incorporating into weddings. From bouquets to centerpieces and cakes, lavender adds a touch of elegance and tranquility to any celebration. This lavender themed wedding trend may be popular because shades of purple are also haute couture within the fashion industry and wedding attire right now.

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender’s versatility extends beyond aesthetics as lavender essential oil is known for its relaxation benefits, making it a perfect addition to spa treatments or self-care routines.

According to the Lavender Essential Oil Extract Market Report, the global market for Lavender Essential Oil is expected to experience positive growth from 2023 ($43M USD) to 2030 ($55M USD.) There are no signs of slowing or stagnant demand for this versatile and very safe essential oil.

Many essential oils marketed as “lavender” are adulterated or are actually lavender’s cousin, lavandin. Make sure you understand the difference between lavender vs lavandin essential oil so that you feel confident you are receiving pure lavender essential oil when you make a purchase.

Lavender in Cooking and Baking

Lavender Coffee

In the culinary world, cooking with lavender has become increasingly popular. Its unique floral flavor adds depth to both sweet and savory dishes. From lavender-infused desserts like cakes and ice creams to savory dishes such as roasted chicken or infused oils, the possibilities are endless.

We saw this trend building and are working on a lavender recipe blog to teach our friends, family and guests how to properly infuse lavender in their culinary delights.

Lavender Experiences/Agritourism

Twin Flame Lavender Farm in Bloom

For those seeking unique experiences in agritourism, lavender farms offer a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Visitors can immerse themselves in fields of fragrant blooms while learning about the cultivation process and enjoying hands-on activities like distilling their own essential oils.

Since COVID, people are opting for “experiences” rather than material items. This trend has not died and we have more requests for people to visit our farm this winter (we close during the winter) than any other winter since we opened in 2019.

We ADORE our farm guests! If you would like to visit us, we are open to the public from spring through fall and our open farm days and hours are listed on our online event calendar. We are in active bud and bloom phase only two months out of the year and recommend you follow us on social media for bud and bloom updates!

Lavender Bar Soap

Lavender Blossom Infused Soap

In 2023, consumers began an upward trend with purchases of artisan crafted soap bars. Our bar soap sales were off the charts through all channels: online, in person events, at our farmstand all year long. We had a difficult time keeping up with demand, especially during the holiday season. Soap was never our shining star. Until 2023.

It isn’t just lavender soap and it isn’t just our soap, it is all artisan crafted bar soap and lavender happens to be one of the most popular scents. Checking in with some of my other soap selling friends at markets, we all had a banner year with soap sales.

Looking into it a little further: consumers are opting for detergent free soap, rejecting plastic packaging and water waste in body washes and commercial soaps.

There are true artisan soap makers and there are also fakers. I have written a blog post on this topic so you can connect with the perfect soap maker if you are making the switch to detergent free and eco friendly soap.

Lavender Gardens

Lavender plugs and plants for sale

After the explosion of bar soap sales during the 2023 holiday season, we immediately switched to plant sales. Literally, beginning on Christmas Day, our online lavender plant sales exploded. Across all online channels. I think it is fair to assume that people are prepping to have some amazing lavender gardens this year!

Lavender Plants for Sale – 5 Year Google Trends:

A quick glance at the search term “Lavender Plants for Sale” on Google Trends indicates more people are searching this same time period than in the last 5 years. This includes the year 2020, during COVID, when many people got in touch with their “green thumb” and started gardens. The bonus is that the highest number of searches are in our home state of Michigan. I think this is showing that my hunch may be true 🙂

Whether you’re looking for a calming scent for your home or exploring new trends in health, beauty, or culinary, the versatility of lavender remains at the forefront of innovation. Embrace and experience the allure of this ancient herb as it continues to captivate our senses in 2024.

Lavender Farmer | Aromatherapist | Yoga Instructor at Twin Flame Lavender Farm | Vibe Aroma LLC

Renee started out as an avid real estate blogger in 2006. Opting for a less stressful life, Paul and Renee moved to Michigan in 2018 and started a lavender farm in 2019.

There are very few resources available to aspiring lavender farmers for growing lavender, lavender aromatherapy and lavender culinary infusion.

Renee hopes to change and shake up the world of lavender by sharing her knowledge and experience she has gained by being a lavender farmer and aromatherapist with lavender lovers all over the world.

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