Southwest Michigan’s ONLY Lavender Blossom Jelly Found Here!

Our Lavender Blossom Jelly Bright Pink Color is 100% Natural!
Lavender Blossoms Steeping in Water to Make Jelly

This idea of making “Lavender Blossom Confit” was born in 2022 when our crop went to sudden, early blossom due to a heat wave and drought. We didn’t have the capacity to process all of the blossoms. So when life hands you blossoms, you make confit!

We have carefully chosen three types of Lavandula angustofolia for our jelly: Munstead, Vera and Hidcote. The taste is perfectly blended floral, herbal and sweet flavors. Munstead provides the floral notes. Vera provides the herbal notes. Hidcote Blue provides the sweet notes.

We have two "secret" ingredients for the lavender blossom jelly:

  • Lavender Extract:  alcohol extract using buds
  • Lavender Distilled Water:  buds and blossoms distilled in our artisian well water

Both are made using the Munstead, Hidcote and Vera Blend.  This helps "reinforce" the lavender flavor blend without being "overpowering."

It takes a full 4 cups of blossoms to make one dozen 4 ounce jars Lavender Blossom Jelly. To give you an idea, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour to hand harvest, (no gas or electric tools used for harvesting,) just to get 4 cups of fresh lavender blossoms.

Then you have the time involvement for preparing the jars for canning, preparing the lavender blossom water, making and canning the jelly.

It is intense to make lavender blossom jelly especially on a hot day!

The process is complex. The taste is complex. The name just had to be complex! We decided to call it "confit" which is French for "preserves" instead of jelly. We have had such rave reviews that we did decide to resurrect the confit annually.


  • Stir in Lemonade, Iced Tea or Coffee
  • Yogurt or Ice Cream Topper
  • Pairs Well With:  Crackers and a Good "Stinky Cheese."  Think Brie, Swiss, Blue!
  • Bougie Addition to Your Charcuterie Board
  • Glaze for Your Plank Salmon
  • Toast, Waffles or Pancake Spread (how could we forget the obvious?)
Lavender Farmer | Aromatherapist | Yoga Instructor at Twin Flame Lavender Farm | Vibe Aroma LLC

Renee started out as an avid real estate blogger in 2006. Opting for a less stressful life, Paul and Renee moved to Michigan in 2018 and started a lavender farm in 2019.

There are very few resources available to aspiring lavender farmers for growing lavender, lavender aromatherapy and lavender culinary infusion.

Renee hopes to change and shake up the world of lavender by sharing her knowledge and experience she has gained by being a lavender farmer and aromatherapist with lavender lovers all over the world.

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