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When Do I Start My Lavender From Seed?


Considering this blog post is written on January 4, now is the time to get started! Why? It will take 3-8 months for lavender seeds to be ready to go in the ground!

Lavender takes a LONG time to germinate!

Lavender is extremely difficult to germinate and takes a long time to germinate.

Timeframe for Lavender Germination to Outdoor Transplant from Seed:

Germination: 1-6 Weeks

2 Sets of Leaves to Indoor 3″ Pot Transplant: 2 Weeks to 1 Month

3″ Pot Transplant to Outdoors: 3-4 Months

You are looking at a total of 4 months to 8 months before you can put your lavender babies in the ground outdoors!

You do not need to cold stratify lavender from seed.

Cold stratification of lavender has resulted in lower germination for us. We have germinated literally 1000s of lavender seeds all different ways. Adding cold stratification not only results in lower germination, it results in wasted time. Many new varieties of English Lavender are bred to be easily grown from seed.

Which types of lavender germinate quickly?

We have had amazing results with Munstead, Lady and anything from the Ellagance Series.

Avoid Vera, Hidcote and other seeds that were not bred to be grown from seed. Munstead is the exception as it is an old variety that germinates very well from seed.

Why is lavender so difficult to grow from seed?

It may be because lavender is “different” than other seeds. It is actually quite easy when you know what you are doing. You need heat below (heating pad,) light above (grow light) and to keep the soil moist at all times (not wet, moist.)

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