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The Myths Behind Growing Lavender From Seed – 4 Myths BUSTED!

Our Michigan lavender farm is 80% grown from seed (over 1000 plants) with the exception of patented plants and naturally sterile lavandin plants. Our lavender farm is home to 2 cultivars and 19 varieties of lavender. After growing thousands of lavender plants from seed, we have found seed grown plugs are more hearty with a higher success rate than propagated clones! On top of it, new varieties of lavender, (such as the Ellagance series,) were bred to be grown from seed!

It is Impossible to Grow Lavender From Seed

It is not impossible to grow lavender from seed. It is just “different.” Lavender needs 3 things to germinate: light, heat and water. You will need a grow light, (which also prevents your seedlings from becoming “leggy,”) a heat mat, (a heating pad will work fine,) and mist 3-5 times a day with water.

Cold Stratification for Lavender Seed

Cold stratification is the process where you freeze or refrigerate seeds to “prime” them for germination. The theory behind this is to duplicate natural seasonal cycles. We have found that this extra 2-4 week step lowers our germination rate. It turns out, most lavender seeds that are sold, are already “primed” and ready for germination.

Growing Lavender in Hydroponics or Aquaponics

Growing Lavender from Seed Hydroponically

We grow lavender hydroponically from seed very successfully. 6000 plants a year! People say “lavender doesn’t like wet feet (water,) so it is impossible to grow it hydroponically. Au contraire mon frere! Lavender loves and needs water all the way until it is 1-2 years old! THEN, after it is established, it will thrive on neglect and through drought conditions. This is how we grow lavender in hydroponics.

Lavender Cross-Pollination (aka “True to Type”) Hype

This ignorant babble, coming from lavender farmers mostly, infuriates me. It happens with lavender but not as often as you think. When plants are cross-pollinated, they create a new variety.

With all of the seeds I have germinated, I am longing for that cross-pollinated new lavender variety. I would love, very much, to have my own new variety of lavender to name, sell and carry on my legacy, for the love of lavender, through the centuries!

In the end, of all the plants on our seed grown lavender farm, my Munstead Lavender is Munstead, Hidcote Blue Lavender is Hidcote Blue and Vera Lavender is Vera, etc. I have grown tens of thousands of lavender plants from seed, you would think that I would have run across a cross-pollinated new lavender variety. I have not yet discovered a new variety of lavender to carry on my legacy. If I do discover a new lavender variety, trust me, y’all will be the first to know!

Comprehensive Guide to Grow Lavender from Seed:

We do have a complimentary comprehensive guide to growing lavender from seed available online:

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