Almost a Decade of Formulation as a Hobby Soapmaker

Crafted with care and expertise, our soap stands out for its exceptional quality and unique natural ingredients. The “hobby soap” endeavor began in 2015 as Christmas presents in my Las Vegas garage. The secret lies in our nearly decade-old proprietary recipe that has been perfected over time to deliver a truly indulgent bathing experience.

Our Soap Scented and Saponified to Perfection

Scented and saponified to perfection with our Michigan farm grown botanical infused oils and farm hydrodistilled hydrosols, our soap offers a light and aromatic traditional scent that soothes the senses.

The Rich Luxurious Lavender Blossom Soap Lather

With a rich, luxurious lather, our lavender soap leaves your skin feeling pampered and rejuvenated.