Seeds are Germinating!

We have approximiately 250 lavender seedlings and we are pretty excited that we actually have germination. They are definitely finickly little guys to get going!

The species we have are all Lavendula Angustofolia: Ellagance, Vera, Hidcote Blue, Munstead, Lavender Lady. We do also have “French Long” which is a stoecha and not a perennial and will not be harvested.

The other herbs that have germinated for our farm and hydrosol production: peppermint, basil, roman & german chamomiles, lemon balm, rosemary, cat mint.

We have also planted a multitude of roses that will be used for hydrosol production and are germinating banks roses.

We expect to start planting in a couple of weeks and HOPE that we see some production of hydrosol by the end of May. That may be too aggressive or wishful thinking 😉

Learn more about lavender seed germination in this comprehensive guide

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